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Members of the Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club Get Discounts on nearly all of the products in the two largest and best archery and hunting stores in the world!

Professional Bowhunters know what they want...and deserve to get their products at the best price! ProBowhunter's are the type of guys who spend more time researching archery and hunting gear than anything else. They go to bowhunting forums to share their knowledge, they know the FOC of their arrows. Bowhunting isn't their hobby, it defines them.

  • ProBowhunters need the BIGGEST SELECTION because they are the most knowledgeable.
  • ProBowhunters deserve the BEST PRICES because they buy the most gear.
  • ProBowhunters...know what they want and want it shipped quickly!

    If that describes you, then you should join the Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club!!!

    The Professional Bowhunter's Buyer's Club offers members exclusive discounts to the two Biggest and Best Bowhunting Stores on the Web: and The discounts offered to members vary by product but nearly all of the 10,000 items in the eders store and the 15,000 products in BowhuntingOutlet are significantly discounted.

  • Save from 5-45% on most items at both of these stores.
  • Most customers will save more than the price of membership on their first purchase.
  • There is no risk - If you are not satisfied we will refund your membership.

  • Bowhunter ApprovedProBowhunter Approved!
    The Professional Bowhunter Club has searched the Globe for the Two Largest and Best Bowhunting Warehouses and have found and to offer the best selections available. The Club has certified that these two sites offer the largest selection of bowhunting gear at great prices. They are also secure, professionally run and reliable. But best of all, these two sites have agreed to offer our members substantial discounts!

    archery equipment - Since 1998, has been one of the most respected names in the industry. Eders boasts over a 99% ontime order rate and over 10,000 items. Additionally, is well known for custom fletching arrows.

    Bowhunting OutletWhen you are looking for a gigantic selection and incredible go to the outlet. offers over 15,000 products at amazing prices. Easy to navigate and boasts one of the fastest packing times in the industry.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions:
    Risk FreeIs the Probowhunter Club right for me?
    If you are a hardcore bowhunter who has advanced knowledge of bowhunting and archery and you spend more than a couple hundred dollars a season on Archery and Hunting gear it is! Why?...Because almost all products will be discounted significantly...however if you are not an avid archer or if you need special help selecting your gear you're better off not joining.

    Can we see how much we save before joining? Unfortunately, we are cannot tell you the prices before joining...only ProBowhunter members are eligible for these huge savings at and only members can see the pricing. However we can tell you that if you are an average customer of or this is a club worth joining, and you will likely save the price of the membership on your first order!!

    What if I don't like it? The best part of this membership is...There is No Risk and we offer a 100% money-back guarentee. will refund your entire $25.00 Membership fee at any time prior to you making a purchase as a member. In other words, if you become a member and then decide the sales are not going to save you more than the membership…just let us know and we'll credit you.

    How much is it and How does it work?:
    The membership is just $25.00 a year. After purchasing a membership, within 12 hours, will email you confirming your membership to the club. After your membership is confirmed, whenever you log into your or account, you will be shown the "ProBowhunter" pricing. You will also see a star showing you what percentage you are saving compared to normal customers.

    How do I join?
    Just go to: and sign up for your membership and remember, if the membership isn't as good as we say, we'll give you your money right back.

    Besides amazing savings, ProBowhunter's will also be offered exclusive deals and probowhunter gear.

    Free For Military
    We are proud to announce that membership to the Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club is now FREE for all members of the US Military (active and retired) click here for more info.

    So What Are You Waiting For?
    Professional Bowhunter

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